An Online Coaching Program for Independent Shredding & Destruction Service Leaders

A place for consistent, specialized, industry-specific coaching, management training and strategic insight to support you and the leadership team of your independent shredding business.


On The Shred Coach podcast with Tom Adams, every episode is jam packed with stories, insights and strategies from CEOs, owners and operators in the shredding and information destruction business.



The Shred Coach is a unique, industry-focused, online coaching program for Information Destruction providers including leadership & business training videos and more from your host and coach, Tom Adams.

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Think Better.
Make Smarter Progress As A Leader in Your Independent Shredding Business

Our goal at The Shred Coach is to help you end each week in your shredding business smarter as a leader than you were when you started it.

We want you to turn to The Shred Coach for ideas, insight, tools and resources to improve your strategic thinking and tactical actions as a leader, owner or executive so your shredding business will be better as a result.

We know you’re always looking for more as a leader. More wisdom, more insights, more practical guidance, more opportunities to learn from the best.

That’s why we created The Shred Coach: a unique space free of distraction or noise, home to a curated selection of exclusive content designed with care to help you improve yourself as a leader of your information destruction business.

From marketing and sales, through operations, HR and finance, strategic thinking and examples of other shredders finding great ways to build their business, it's all here for you.

On this site exclusively, you’ll gain access to educational content as well as regular opportunities to learn from some of the smartest people in the business (and outside it too). You just won't find this kind of focused learning anywhere else.

What's Inside The Shred Coach?

This trove is brimming with valuable resources to help you get answers, make better decisions, and take advantage of opportunities.

  • The Shred Coach Podcast

    Every episode, Tom Adams sits down with an expert in the data destruction industry to discuss their business history and the insights they've gained or lessons they've learned over time. Every episode of the Shred Coach Podcast is available here for streaming.

  • Department-Specific Functional Leadership Training

    Within the Functional Training page, you and your leadership team will have access to leadership or management training for every department in your shred business.  Each category of training is specially tailored to offer insights on how to approach improving your business.

  • Podcast Transcripts

    Exclusive to The Shred Coach website are the transcripts for every podcast episode in order to accelerate your learning, focus your implementation, review notes, and then reference shows later without having to re-listen to the entire episode. 

  • Regular Business Building Challenges

    Tom Adams, your Shred Coach, will provide regular, recurring challenges to push you to improve your business results. If you invested time to do the challenges only, your investment would pay back massive ROI. 

  • ...and more!

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