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Managing by Commitment Part 1 - The Gap

Managing by Commitment

Part 1: The Gap

As a leader in your shred business, it's easy to get frustrated and annoyed by team members who don't do what you expect them to do. 

Annual Planning

Annual Planning

As you reach the end of the year, your attention as an owner or executive of your business turns toward planning for next year.

Managing by Commitment Part 2 - The Circle

Managing by Commitment

Part 2: The Circle

Tom focuses on the alternate path to managing by assumption or expectation - managing by commitment.

Mosquitos, Rodents and Black Swans

Mosquitos, Rodents & Black Swans

We often miss a diverse set of hostile and antagonist forces that could create bigger problems for us. Tom outlines three categories of problems that we need to be aware of.


Problems or Decisions

Problems or Decisions

We examine the words of Richard Kock and Laura Posey to determine the difference between problems and decisions that need to be made.

How To Avoid Bad Conclusions

How to Avoid Bad Conclusions

Correlation and causation are commonly confused, but we clear things up on this episode.

Power of Questions

The Power of Good Questions

Tom takes an in-depth look at why questions can be much more important than answers.

How To Make Good Decisions

How to Make Good Decisions

Without an effective way to make a decision, you can get stuck very easily–or even worse–make bad decisions.