Nathan Campbell on All Things i-SIGMA

Podcast Art Ep 29

On this initial episode of 2023, Tom chats with Nate Campbell, i-SIGMA’s CEO about current happenings and directions in the association. Nate became CEO of the association in August of 2022. He shares the story of his early start in the information management industry, and the road from then till present. In the conversation, Nate…

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Shred Plant Optimization with Jeff Beaudoin

Podcast Art Ep 28

On this episode Tom chats with Jeff Beaudoin, Operations Manager at Ameri-Shred, Corp. Jeff is an Engineer by training, but has been involved in manufacturing, sales, design and layout of shredding plants for shred operators for many years. Jeff provides valuable insight about the thinking and planning required for a new, plant-based operation. He also…

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Shred Truck Insider with Guy Wakutz

Pod Art Ep 27

Guy Wakutz, President of Alpine Shredders, a shed truck manufacturer based in Kitchener, Ontario joins Tom on this episode. Guy shares the current state of the shred truck industry as it relates to supply chain issues, costs and implications. He also recommends how business owners need to think about acquiring a new truck in the…

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An Innovators Perspective with David Moses

Podcast Art Ep 26

David Moses, founder of XpresspaX, Inc and Express Business Forms & Systems joins Tom on this episode. David shares his story of helping Iron Mountain with their first mass produced and printed barcodes for their emerging records storage business. He then shares how a conversation with a VP led to massive innovation for the Iron…

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A Collection Container Deep Dive with Cory Layes

Podcast Art Ep 25

On this episode Tom chats with Cory Layes of Bins4Shredding based in Barrie, Ontario. As a long-time vendor in the industry, Cory removes his sales hat and shares his deep knowledge about all things collection containers. Cory discusses the mistakes he sees a lot of shredding companies make with buying bins not using Just-in-Time programs,…

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Riding the Day with Renee Keener

Podcast Ep 23

Renee Keener, the Founder and CEO of American Document Securities – the company she sold at the end of 2021 – based in Carrolton, Georgia shares her incredible story of starting the business, growing the business and eventually exiting the business. She describes the critical changes she needed to make upon the win of a…

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Rising Tides with Stacey Lombardo

Podcast Cover Ep 22

On this episode Tom chats with Stacey Lombardo of Infoshred based in East Windsor, Connecticut. Stacey shares her entrepreneurial story of buying the shredding business 25 years ago and her amazing journey till now. Stacey was one of the earliest NAID members when it was first established. She shares her philosophy of “rising the tide”…

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An F-250 and a Trailer with Muff London

Episode Art Ep 21

Muff London, the Founder and President of Document Shredding & Storage (DSS) based in Amarillo, Texas joins Tom on this episode. Muff shares the early story of starting the shredding business in a most unusual way, leveraging other people’s empty trucks and warehouse space before graduating to a F-250 and a trailer. She also shares…

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Leveraging A Coach with Jay Burns

Podcast Art Ep 20

On this episode Tom chats with Jay Burns of Crown Information Management based in Winter Haven, Florida. Jay shares how his own personal growth and development as well as the evolution of the business has been deeply impacted by an external coach. Jay talks about the early benefits and the evolving evidence of the impact…

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