Rising Tides with Stacey Lombardo

Podcast Cover Ep 22

On this episode Tom chats with Stacey Lombardo of Infoshred based in East Windsor, Connecticut. Stacey shares her entrepreneurial story of buying the shredding business 25 years ago and her amazing journey till now. Stacey was one of the earliest NAID members when it was first established. She shares her philosophy of “rising the tide”…

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An F-250 and a Trailer with Muff London

Episode Art Ep 21

Muff London, the Founder and President of Document Shredding & Storage (DSS) based in Amarillo, Texas joins Tom on this episode. Muff shares the early story of starting the shredding business in a most unusual way, leveraging other people’s empty trucks and warehouse space before graduating to a F-250 and a trailer. She also shares…

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Leveraging A Coach with Jay Burns

Podcast Art Ep 20

On this episode Tom chats with Jay Burns of Crown Information Management based in Winter Haven, Florida. Jay shares how his own personal growth and development as well as the evolution of the business has been deeply impacted by an external coach. Jay talks about the early benefits and the evolving evidence of the impact…

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Losing Scott with Jill Fasken

Podcast Art Ep 19

 Jill Fasken, the former owner of Colorado Document Security located in Grand Junction, Colorado joins Tom on this episode. Jill describes how she and her husband Scott started the company in 2003, and the growth and development of it over the years. But, the primary focus of the conversation is how Jill responded and…

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Hard Drive Destruction Sales with Jim Beran

Podcast Art Ep 18

On this week’s episode, Tom meets with Jim Beran, Director of Sales at Gilmore based in Pensacola, FL.  Jim is a long time sales leader in the shredding industry. He discusses the history of selling in the industry and some of the differences he sees between the early selling and today. Jim also shares some…

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Hiring Staff with Developmental Disorders with Liz Metts

Podcast Art Ep 17

Liz Metts, Senior Director of Business Operations at Secure Shred & Opportunity Enterprises located in the Valparaiso, Indiana joins Tom on this episode. Liz describes how they employ individuals with disabilities in the shredding and recycling operation. She shares the benefits the individual employees gain as result of their employment, but also the incredible business…

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The SPEAR with Jonas Rice

Podcast Art Ep 16

Jonas Rice, Owner of ShredPro Secure of Lenoir City, Tennessee explores the elements of the S.P.E.A.R. acronym that guides his shredding business. This framework gives his team a memorable and specific way to define and live their values every day in the business. Jonas gives us a deep dive into each element in order to…

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Bank the Box with Gary Wright

Podcast Art Ep 15

On this week’s episode, Tom meets with Gary Wright, Vice President of Operations at Williams Data Management & ShredMyFiles.com based in Los Angeles, California.  Three months ago Gary implemented a program called Bank the Box, which rewards drivers on purge job for the number of boxes they shred over and above the work-order expectation. Learn about how…

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Annual Fee with Heather Fitzanko

Podcast Art Episode 14

Heather Fitzanko, Vice President of AAA Certified Confidential Security Corp of Peoria, Illinois shares their unique small business service program with Tom on this episode. About four years ago, Heather launched the ShredSmart program, an annual billing program for select small business clients. Learn how she implemented the program, the benefits and challenges she’s uncovered…

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True, Fast & Sharp with Chris Isabell

Podcast Art Episode 13

 On this week’s episode, Tom converses with Chris Isabell of iSecure located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Chris shares how a core set of values he adopted from his years in the military have been integral to leading and running his shredding business. Chris also shares a simple model of “process” and “performance” which helps…

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