How to Be a Shred Coach Podcast Guest

Being a guest on The Shred Coach is very easy!  There's nothing to download or install.  Just follow the instructions in this helpful video, or the written instructions below the video.

How To Use SquadCast as a Shred Coach Guest

Pre-Podcast Prep

We at The Shred Coach request two things for the best possible audio recording outcome.

Firstly, we ask that you wear headphones of some sort; if not over-the-ear, then earbuds will do.

Secondly, if you're able, we ask that whatever computer you are using to record with us be hooked up directly to an internet ethernet cable.  This will ensure the best quality of sound for us to edit and post!

Entering SquadCast

There is nothing to install or download!  SquadCast is an entirely browser-based program.  All you have to do is click the link that was provided when you selected your date and time.

When you click the link, you may be prompted by your computer to allow SquadCast access to your microphone and camera.  Make sure these are turned on.  If you aren't prompted and want to make sure they are turned on, you can double check by clicking the lock icon in the top left, in your web browser bar.

The Green Room

Once your microphone and camera have been allowed, you will be taken to the SquadCast Green Room.  This is a private site for you to ensure everything is working on your end before dropping into the call with Tom.

Though we will not be using any video footage in the final podcast edit, Tom would still like to be able to see you while talking with you.  So, make sure you can see yourself in the Green Room camera square, and make sure the VU meter in the bottom right is moving up and down when you talk.

If either of these things seem off or aren't working, make sure the correct equipment is linked up to SquadCast by clicking the "Change Equipment" button.  And for extra peace of mind, you can run an equipment test to confirm everything is running properly.

Podcast Time!

Everything is set and ready to go!  Just click the "Join Session" button when your ready, and Tom will meet you there to begin recording.  Have fun!